• Season 2 – Episode 5

Season 2 – Episode 5

The Walking Dead game playthrough continues next week on August 26th. Get ready for Episode 5 the Season 2 final. Make sure to Subscribe and be the first to watch it.   Watch the Season 5 Preview trailer below and let ...

  • Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

Few days ago i got myself a Wii U system and planning on making guides for the famous mario, yoshi and other games that will come out on the Wii U.   So i decided to start off with Super ...

  • Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone

  Thomas Was Alone is finally available on iPhone and iPad and is a game you must have in your collection.   Need help or want to see why you need to have this game watch our Thomas Was Alone ...

  • Amid The Ruins Walkthrough

Amid The Ruins Walkthrough

Episode 4 from the game “The Walking Dead Season 2″ just got released today.   I will be uploading the walkthrough asap and add it to the playlist below. 7/22 – PC/Mac worldwide, PlayStation 3 & Vita North America (SCEA) ...

  • Flock Favorites

Flock Favorites

Angry Birds got a fresh new update with a new bonus pack named Flock Favorites. Get 3 stars in the 15 levels.   Levels will be added to the Angry Birds playlist below.    

  • Amid The Ruins – Official Trailer

Amid The Ruins – Official Trailer

The official trailer just got released today. Get ready for Episode 4.   The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 - Amid the Ruins arrives for download starting NEXT WEEK!   7/22 – PC/Mac worldwide, PlayStation 3 & Vita North America (SCEA) 7/23 ...

  • Pillow Box

Pillow Box

Update 7-16-2014: Now also available on iOS   It’s time to play the “Pillow Box” update! After a long day munching on candy, Om Nom has fallen asleep. Use the lamp to illuminate the stars and wake him up.   ...

  • Angry Birds Rio – Timbler Tumbler

Angry Birds Rio – Timbler Tumbler

Angry Birds Rio just got 26 fresh new levels in the Timbler Tumbler pack.   Need help getting 3 stars check the video below. Also there is a secret hidden in Level 14 that will unlock 15 new levels also ...

  • Doodle God Quests

Doodle God Quests

Currently im uploading some Doodle God Quests Walkthrough videos to KloakaTV.   If you don’t know this game it’s a fun puzzle game available on the iPhone and iPad.  

  • Hitman Go – Airport Update

Hitman Go – Airport Update

Walkthrough for the 15 new levels in Airport Box for Hitman GO.   Guides will be added to the playlist below. Make sure to check out our Hitman GO Page.   Hitman GO is available on both iPhone and iPad.