• The Evil Within

The Evil Within

Enjoy the amazing horror story.  

  • Leaf on the Wind

Leaf on the Wind

Leaf on the Wind is a fun game to play and available for both iPhone and iPad.  

  • Skullduggery


Skullduggery is an awesome game new in the Appstore. Walkthrough for levels will be added on this page or check my  channel KloakaTV.  

  • HAM Dunk

HAM Dunk

Fresh new NBA style levels in Angry Birds Seasons.   Walkthrough for all levels are being uploaded to the Angry Birds Seasons Playlist.  

  • Numerity


Numerity is growing fast in popularity in the App Store since it’s available for free.   Want to enjoy our Playthrough / Walkthrough ? Watch our  channel or the video’s below.  

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Official Apple Watch trailer    

  • iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Watch the unveil of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Win the iPhone 6 is possible here.

  • Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella

  Angry Birds Stella released today on both iOS and Android. Ofcourse i will be creating 3 star guides for all levels in this game on KloakaTV. Make sure to subscribe and always leave a like or/and comment this helps ...

  • Season 2 – Episode 5

Season 2 – Episode 5

The Walking Dead game playthrough continues next week on August 26th. Get ready for Episode 5 the Season 2 final. Make sure to Subscribe and be the first to watch it.   Watch the Season 5 Preview trailer below and let ...

  • Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

Few days ago i got myself a Wii U system and planning on making guides for the famous mario, yoshi and other games that will come out on the Wii U.   So i decided to start off with Super ...